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Total Hydrocarbon Management

At Fluid Transfer Management, we build fluid management systems and provide off the shelf contamination control and prevention components.

We also supply a range of relocatable facilities including workshops, stores and other facilities.

Today’s modern lubricating oils are highly complex. They work harder and longer, protecting today’s high tolerance equipment that is often found working in harsh environments far away from major servicing centres. At Fluid Transfer Management we specialise in TOTAL HYDROCARBON MANAGEMENT, building and distributing contamination control systems that you can rely on.

With our comprehensive range of products, you can ensure higher levels of productivity and reliability, extended safe use of expensive oils, virtually contaminant free fluid transfer, simple fluid sampling and less waste.

From metropolitan construction projects through to remote minesites, Fluid Transfer Management products and expertise can be incorporated into your operations, cutting downtime, reducing maintenance costs and improving your bottom line. We assess your individual needs and tailor a package of hydrocarbon management products to suit your specific situation.

Our services range from installation on individual machines through to total packages for your entire operation. We also supply products and professional advice to enable you to optimise your own procedures.

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Product Range

  • CareTaker
  • Graco
  • Checkfluid
  • Banlaw
  • Macnaught
  • Oil Skimmer
  • M.Carder
  • Filter Technology Australia
  • Turbo Precleaner
  • Air Sentry