Big Mouth and FuelMaster

Big Mouth

This lightweight Big Mouth diesel nozzle offers efficient refuelling at an economical price.

N3 - 1" inlet. U.L., C.U.L. *

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The new FuelMaster provides HIGHER FLOW capacity required for efficient refuelling by many truck stop and terminal operations.

N4 - 1" inlet. U.L., C.U.L. *

* NPT Standard BSPP available

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Breaktime Breakaway Valves

Body & Valve: Aluminum (machined), Nickel plated.

Check Balls: Nylon.

Seals: Buna, Viton, Military Specification Fluorosilicone M-25988.

Break-rings: 1-1/2” (4). 2” (6).

Separation Force: 1-1/2 Breakaway, 400 lbs. 2” Breakaway, 600lbs.

Part Number & Sizes:

AB15. 1-1/2”F x 1-1/2”F NPT. 5.5” L x 2.9” OD

AB2. 2”F x 2”F NPT. 6.5” L x 3.425” OD

Break-time Breakaways are repairable onsite with repair kits.

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Shock Spring nozzle attachment

Here is the new way of keeping your diesel nozzle from falling out of the fill opening.
M.Carder’s NEW line shock absorber spring will hold the nozzle firmly in place – even with the high line shock that occurs with high speed pumps. The cone shaped spring absorbs the shock: it may bounce but it won’t fall out.

  • No spills
  • Fits all tank openings
  • No interference with anti-siphoning devices

Available for M.Carder FuelMaster, 7H type nozzles and other popular diesel models.

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